iPad 2 Seen Xoomin' To BestBuy.com For February 17th Launch?

The yet-to-be-launched iPad 2 has created enough pent-up demand to make analysts, techie bloggers and the digital savvy world at large to salivate. Those that didn't purchase its predecessor the first go-around are now ready to pony up for the device so aptly nicknamed the "Jesus Tablet." While Apple has not released an official sale date, a curious report appeared at Buzz Bizz News by a writer named "Nitin" indicating he had the inside scoop.

Since "Nitin's" bio and credentials are not noted on the "Authors" tab of the site, one might begin to suspect the authenticity of his research. This, coupled with the fact that Steve Jobs' "MO" has been of one of secrecy regarding launch dates for any of his Apple products, it seems odd that "Nitin" had somehow been given the inside Intel.

While he does not provide a source for his breaking news, titled "Apple iPad 2 release date and specifications," the blogger not only provides us with a specific date, he also indicates where you can purchase the coveted iPad 2, outside of the Apple online or brick-and-mortar stores.

The author substantiates his assertion based on some unnamed rumors. "Rumors are circulating that iPad will be on sale at BestBuy.com - (commencing) February 17th," he states. "Nitin" then indicates that "said rumors" also noted "details about new SKUs of Apple iPad leaked on BestBuys's Web site for a number of hours due to error in inventory data management." But again no source for this inside information.

The strange thing is, if you were to search Google News with the keywords "February 17" and "iPad," all you would find are hundreds of postings referring to the "Motorola Xoom's" release on that date at BestBuy.com.

The Xoom is Motorolas' first foray into the table market and is expected to give Apple's iPad a run for its money.

According to this report that surfaced during the CES 2011 trade show in Las Vegas on January 7, the earliest release date for the iPad 2 is some time in March.

So while, I for one am ready, willing and able to line up at BestBuy.com online store window promptly on February 17th, I kind of doubt I will be waiting in a long line. Number one, it's hard to believe that Apple would start selling its latest iPad outside of the confines of its own outlets. And number two, with February 17 just a few weeks away, don't you think, we would have all heard or read this news from Apple directly.

I could be wrong, "Nitin," and if I am, I apologize in advance for not trusting your report as "Gospel," but when the next "Jesus Tablet" comes rolling off the assembly line, I'm sure that it will be accompanied by a little more fanfare, than one isolated blog posting found in the digital wilderness.

Readers, if you're still debating if you're ready to fork over $500+ dollars for the iPad 2, perhaps some of their new features will tempt you…
  • Thinner in size and lighter in weight
  • 2 cameras: front camera is 0.3 mega-pixel [VGA, like iPhone 4] and rear one is 1 mega-pixel [like iPod touch, rather than iPhone 4]. Rear camera is for applications such as video recording and augmented reality.
  • Higher screen resolution on a Retina display with new multi-touch functionality
  • Bluetooth 3.0
  • Support for 4G LTE networks (in the US only)
  • New Version of IOS software
  • Micros SD Card slot upt to 32GB
Jan 31, 2011
by Anonymous

Motorola Xoom

Mr. Callari,

Before writing an article (specially on the tech field), you may want to double check your sources. It seems that you mixed some important piece of information. Every report that has been written about a February 17th release date at Best Buy has been about the Motorola Xoom, not the Ipad 2.

Jan 31, 2011
by Ron Callari

Motorola Xoom response

Perhaps, before you write a comment, you might want to read the article. That's exactly what I stated.

Jan 31, 2011
by Anonymous

Re: Motorola Xoom

Thank you for your response Mr. Callari. I admit that I was wrong. I did read the article in its entirety, but the Subject Topic made me immediately think you were referring to the iPad2 with a February release date and the word "xooming" made me assume that the information you were revealing came from a confused source.

Thank you.

Jan 31, 2011
by Ron Callari

the "Xooming" in the title

The word "xoomin" in the title was a play-on-words and used specifically to point to the confusion that most likely prompted "Nitin" to post his blog. Thanks for reading my post in its entirety.

Jan 31, 2011
by Anonymous

8MP camera?

where is your source on this one? you post a link to appleinsider where they clearly state...

"iPad has two cameras. Front camera is 0.3 mega-pixel [VGA, like iPhone 4] and rear one is 1 mega-pixel [like iPod touch, rather than iPhone 4]. Front camera is for Facetime and Photo Booth and 0.3 mega-pixel is enough because the resolution of iPad 2 is 1,024x768. Rear camera is for applications such as video recording and augmented reality."


Feb 1, 2011
by Ron Callari


8 MP was noted by two other sources but you were right, Appleinsider did list the rear camera was for applications like video recording and augmented reality- and I have updated my report accordingly. Thank you.