iPad Debut Gets A Raised Eyebrow From Women

Steve Jobs unveiled Apple's highly anticipated iPad yesterday.  However, women across the internet are shaking their heads at what seems to be an overlooked play-on-words with the product's marketing campaign.

The tech blogosphere has been ranting and raving about the iPad and it's possible applications for periodicals, games, textbooks, and portable multimedia.  Unfortunately, a lot of those expectations seem to have been overshadowed by a wave of criticism over the naming of Apple's new device, which Jobs said is "better than a netbook."

 Much of the criticism has come in the form of sarcastic and satirical comments left on Twitter and Apple's own website.   Jokes about the product's name being related to certain women's products have overflown comments sections of almost every tech blog, and #iTampon is even the top trending topic on Twitter as of the writing of this post.

Some gems picked up by Fast Company include:

"Is it that time of the month again?"

"It sounds like a sanitary napkin."

"Will the next version have wings?"

But my personal favorite came from a Twitter account: @mellissapierce, which I picked up through a post on Jezebel:

Surely the iPad is a great piece of technology, with its huge, beautiful compacitive touch screen, and Apple wouldn't release a product it didn't have big plans for.  But, who is up in marketing getting chewed out after this PR mess? Did Jobs name it himself?  It's surprising to see the company go through so many rumors over the naming of their product, and then settle on a name that's as easily made fun of as "iPad".

The announcement of the iPad even sent Apple's stock prices for a rollercoaster ride, eventually ending .9% up from before the announcement, but suffering a steep drop just before the device was announced to be priced starting at $499, according to CNN.  Funny name or not, if the device delivers, surely there will be plenty of people lined up to buy one, men and women alike.

Have you seen any good jokes about the iPad lately?  Are you excited for Apple's new product, or are you as disenchanted as all the print media types are?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


Jan 28, 2010
by Anonymous

ipad is a joke of a name for a joke of a product

this device is about as meaningful as a purple tiger.. lots of "ohh" and "ahh" but really, it's just a stupid tiger. No Usb or Sd card reader without a $30 "camera pack" which, crypitically worded, is really just a so you can bring pictures to the device. You can't lets say.. hook up a printer or a scanner.. you can't use a web cam with it.. you can't access the file structure.. you can't REALLY surf the web due to the lack of ANY flash in the browser, and you can't install another (read: better) browser because it's a closed off system. This idea for an OS and a Device pairing makes more sense on a phone, where as on a device like this it just cuts out real functionality and makes it a purple tiger.. err, shiny touchscreen ebook reader/ipod touch. If this is the future i suggest we make a terminator and send it back to 1983 to destroy Steve Jobs before this all goes horribly wrong.

Feb 2, 2010
by Anonymous


Its name is a viral marketing ploy. Controversial name = more people talk about it = more market exposure. Its a foundation of modern marketing.

Feb 2, 2010
by Austin Keenan
Austin Keenan's picture

That's an interesting theory...

I never gave Apple that much credit to try and play the market like that. However, I think what's more important than market exposure is whether or not the device will deliver on a technological level. As of right now, expectations and initial reactions are pretty negative, regardless of the name fiasco.

Also, I like tigers. lol

Austin Keenan
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