iPad Dummy Is A Decoy For Apple Fans Who Can't Afford The Real McCoy!

Can't afford the real thing, but want to impress your friends and family? The iPad Dummy looks authentic, but instead of aluminum and glass and an operating system, you get a plastic decoy.

So why would you spend $49 for a tablet that is a shell? Several reasons. Makes you feel like you haven't missed out on owning the number gadget in the land? Or so thieves can steal the fake one versus the real one? Or because you  have fifty bucks burning a hole in your pocket? Or to buy as a gag gift for that special geek in your life? Or because you're a dummy?


Ofcourse if you already have the iPad and 'are' a dummy, you might want to purchase the iPad for Dummies 'how to' book at the Amazon bookstore.  Veteran For Dummies authors and Mac gurus take you on a walk-through of the multi-touch interface and then move on to setting up iTunes, surfing the Web, and sending and receiving e-mail. You'll discover how to share, store, and import photos - buy and read your favorite books - get directions and use maps; rent, buy, and watch movies and TV shows -listen to the latest music; play games; shop for cool new apps, and much more.

Editor's  Note: You can now find the iPad Dummy on Amazon here for about half the price.

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Jun 21, 2010
by Anonymous

Apple may sue them for

Apple may sue them for trademarks usage.

Mar 2, 2011
by Anonymous

ipod shuffle and ipad mix

You should be able to open the fake ipad and put in a ipod shuffle inside near the fake ipad's ear phone port, and plug in some headphones and play music on the fake ipad