iPad-Compatible Clothing For Carrying Social Media On Your Person (Just In Time For The Holidays)

As innovative as the iPad is, the one challenge that most owners are up against is how to transport their portable hand-held computers around. Sling bags, purses and backpacks are jerry-rigged solutions. When you're on the go with an urge to tweet or check your Facebook status quickly, the best access is reaching for the envied device from the inside pocket of a jacket or vest designed specifically for the purpose.

This issue is so much a troublesome, that the New York Times dedicated an article to "Coming to Grips With Lugging an iPad," where they discussed how men are most frustrated with the current options available. "Guys who want to lug around their iPads are finding themselves quietly reaching for a so-called man purse, or 'murse'" notes Jennifer B. Lee in her report. Many who don't want to carry any bags say they end up leaving the device at home.

To this point, one wise fashion company had the foresight to design clothing exclusively to address this problem. Just a few hours after Steve Jobs launched the iPad back in January, forward-thinking Scottevest, the Sun Valley, Idaho functional fashion designers debuted their "iPad-compatible" clothes.

Promoted as "The first and only line of iPad-Compatible Clothing," Scottevest introduces jackets and vests with a built-in pocket for the iPad. Apple's co-founder Steve Wozniak was so impressed with this 'ultimate iPad accessory,' that he now sits on the company's board of advisers and even stars in a series of humorous videos for Scottevest known affectionately as "Woz-i-sodes."

Scott Jordan, CEO and founder of Scottevest in this YouTube video points out that his clothing line is so unique, it's almost as if Steve Jobs designed the iPad to fit into his vests.

With Scottevest's "NoBulge™ Pocket design, the iPad is hidden from sight and does not protrude when stored. Their "Weight Management System" is engineered to evenly balance the weight of the iPad and other portable electronics.

In response to requests from the business world, Jordan and his team are fast at work designing more formal wear for various occasions. Jeffrey Jacques, a 40-year-old physician who already owns a Scottevest vest wants something he can wear when attending business meetings and conferences. To that end Scottevest plans on introducing an iPad-compatible blazer in time for the holiday season.

However with Hanukkah having just passed and Christmas and Kwanzaa fast approaching, one has to wonder if Mr. Jordan's team of elves are working overtime to live up to that deadline commitment. For now, we'll have to stick with items like their fleece pullover  and windbreaker.

Update: ThinkGeek is currently having a sale on Scottevest items here

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Mar 23, 2011
by Anonymous

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