iPhone Case /Stethoscope: Hello, Whose Heart is Beating, Please?

The Steth-IO is the world's first non-invasive home heart monitor. Its ability to detect early indications of heart failure, specifically the third heart sound, has the potential to greatly reduce hospitalization and intensify treatment options. The device would serve as a replacement for the traditional stethoscope and allows patients to monitor their own hearts from the comfort of their homes. Created by Strato-Scientific, this amazing device was featured on The Tonight Show and in 2014 took first place at the Washington Technology Industry Association's Spring First Look Forum.


The Steth-IOThe Steth-IO


Suman Mulumudi

This brilliant son of a  cardiologist at the Everett Clinic and Providence Medical Center in Everett, Washington, may only be sixteen, but in many ways he is going on forty. It is unusual to find such maturity and dedication to excellence in one so young. He is already the CEO of his own Seattle-based company, Strato-Scientific, which was founded in 2013 and is dedicated to making a difference in the world of medical devices.


Suman and Steth-IOSuman and Steth-IO


Suman's secret to success lies in his realization that the essence of a happy life is all about love and passion for what one does. For the freshman at Seattle's Lakeside School, his three loves are very well defined: Strato-Scientific, academics and the bassoon. This extraordinary young man attributes his acute sense of discipline and ability to focus to his love for and study of music. Nevertheless, having the capacity to comprehend adult technologies such as 3-D printing, scientific and engineering principles is a major accomplishment far beyond the scope of one so young in years.

How did the idea of the Steth-IO develop?

Over time, exposure to his father's cardiology practice gave Suman a close up and personal opportunity to see him and his tools at work. He uncovered a major gap in modern medicine when he noticed that the stethoscope, which is so essential to a proper diagnosis and used so often by his father had remained 'undigital' and unchanged down through many decades. He decided to do something about it, and via the world of 3-D printing, was able to fuse diverse ideas and technologies to develop the Steth-IO.


An Abnormal Steth-IO ReadiingAn Abnormal Steth-IO Readiing

How does the Steth-IO work?

An audio wave guide channels sound from the stethoscope bell to the smart phone's microphone, picking up subtle heart sounds by capitalizing on the smart phone's well-designed acoustic technologies. The genius of the Steth-IO  is that it utilizes the smart phone's costly audio components, and with just a little tweaking with the filter, displays the sounds for the user in the same manner as if they were listening via a regular stethoscope.

The future of the Steth-IO

Although the current Steth-IO prototype is only compatible with the iPhone, there are plans t expand to numerous other phone models once the device is released.

Here's to one brilliant young man who looked, saw and in all probability, has conquered as well!

Closing thoughts on innovation:

A pile of rocks ceases to be a rock pile when somebody contemplates it with the idea of a cathedral in mind. ~ Antoine Saint-Exupery