iPhone 5 Ice Pop Comes in Mango and Pear Flavors

“Leggo my logo”... my Apple logo ice pop, that is! A Chinese confectionery manufacturer has jumped the gun on Apple Inc by offering iPhone 5's to China's tech-hungry consumers.

Of course, there's no such thing as an Apple iPhone 5... one was expected in late October of 2011 but new Apple Inc CEO Tim Cook unveiled the iPhone 4S instead. This didn't perturb the Chinese ice pop maker one bit: regardless of what was announced last October, the public would still have “iPhone 5” on their minds.

They can also have an iPhone 5 in their hands – though as with the actual Apple Inc product, it's not quite what buyers expect. Ignore the fancy packaging which depicts  a purported iPhone 5... including a prominent “TM” after the name, those cheeky devils!

One wonders just who the trademark holder is, and just what they're trademarking. If the latter is the name/brand “iPhone 5”, Cupertino's legal beagles may have a problem to deal with sometime soon.

But back to the tasty treats: Inside the wrapper there's a two-tone, frozen Apple logo on a stick, bite out of the side and angled stem leaf to boot! Depending on which flavor you bought, your iPhone 5 will exude the taste of either mango or pear and the center of the frozen logo is tinted accordingly.

What, no apple flavor? Wouldn't that be an automatic? We'll give the manufacturer the benefit of the doubt and assume the lighter-colored surrounding of the apple-on-a-stick is actually apple-flavored.

From advertisements announcing the “launch” of the iPhone 5 spied around China's urban landscape, it seems every effort has been applied towards establishing this new ice-pop in the nation's rapidly expanding snack sector. The timing is perfect as summer's heat is weeks if not days away. Hungry for a cool, icy, fruit-flavored snack? Who ya gonna call? (via M.I.C Gadget, all images via M.I.C Gadget's photostream at Flickr)