iPhone 6 And iPhone Mini Predictions

Apple leaked imagesApple leaked images

There's always a lot of speculation on upcoming Apple products, but this week there were quite a few articles talking about the next version of the iPhone, especially with so many Android phone makers coming out with new and exciting offerings. A lot of those predictions based themselves on the leaked images shown above which would seem to indicate Apple is going in a different direction with the iPhone, and predicting that we may actually see cheap plastic phones for developing markets. I think those predictions are fairly unlikely, and we can instead do some much better ones by simply looking at what the company has been known to do.

My prediction is that we will see the iPhone 6, or whatever the next iPhone is called, come out this autumn and it will have exactly the same build quality that we've known Apple to do. The price will be similar, but the screen size will be bigger. Apple has always been slow to adopt new trends, but when there is a clear trend, they don't stay behind. Everyone is going with larger screens, and the iPhone 6 will likely have a 5.3" screen. However, I also think that for the first time, we will see another iPhone alongside it, the iPhone Mini, just like they did with the iPad. This could well be the plastic back phone we see in the leaks, and will likely have a much smaller screen. However, this will not be a 'cheap' iPhone any more than the iPad Mini is a 'cheap' iPad. It will be less expansive, perhaps around $400 instead of $600, but it will mostly be aimed at those who wish for a different form factor.

Of course no one knows what Apple will come out with, regardless how many leak photos you have, until the company announces it. But there is quite a bit of interest in finding out what Apple will do. Many businesses made their mark by going after Apple's users, whether those are hardware device makers, app makers, or any other type of inventor. So while we cannot say for sure this is what Apple will do, I think we can quite easily guess.