iPhone Ashtray Is One Smoking Hot Smartphone!

The so-called i-Ashtray from Japan's Village Vanguard isn't all that smart as smartphones go but at least it never needs recharging. As for its owners, mistaking your i-Ashtray for your iPhone or vice versa will just make you look dumb.

Could be worse, of course... just ask Chief Inspector Dreyfus if buying a cigarette lighter that looks like a gun was a good idea. In any case, there's not much to say about the i-Ashtray besides the plain facts: it's made of glass, has no moving parts, and it won't call you up to say it's been stolen.

Measuring 115mm by 62mm by 15mm (4.6โ€ by 2.48โ€ by 0.6โ€), the i-Ashtray is approximately the same size as an actual Apple iPhone and looks right snazzy sitting on one's coffee table. Are real iPhones impervious to having a cigarette stubbed out on their touchscreens? If you own an i-Ashtray it won't be long before you find out for yourself.

Village Vanguard is offering the i-Ashtray for a mere 714 yen (about $7.95) and they can be ordered online from the product page.

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