iPhone Cases Get Saved By The Bell

From Retro Cells comes a way to transform your iPhone into something straight out of an early 1990s classic teen comedy. That's right everyone - Saved By The Bell is back.

If you've never watched Saved By The Bell, you should probably just move on, read another article and lament the loss of your childhood (or the fact that you were born in the wrong year). If you remember the glory days of the show then read on, for you remember fondly things like the theme song, Mr. Belding, and the episode where Jessie started taking "pep pills" to help her stay awake, culminating in a frenetic performance of "I'm So Excited" in the local diner.

Ah. Good times.

You may also remember the sweet, sweet cellphone used by Zack Morris, also known as "the brick". It was huge and unwieldy and now it can be yours in the form of an iPhone case.

Zack Morris: original badass.Zack Morris: original badass. 

From accessories manufacturer Retro Cells (which should give you a clue to their niche) comes a Brick attachment that will not only act as a charger and in-line jack but that can also function as computer speakers.

But who cares about that - in white or black its retro Brick phone action all over again, the kind that makes you want to call up AC Slater or give Screech a ring because you've got nothing better to do.

Right now, the site just has a mailing list for prices and availability, but this is one we'd want to hear about - especially if the call came from a Brick phone.

Damn, Zack Morris - you so cool.

Source: Retro Cells 

EDITOR'S NOTE: Brick case covers to make your smartphone look retro are also available on Amazon here.

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