iPhone Cookies Answer The Call For High Tech Snacks

If you're traveling near Aizumi on Japan's 4th largest island of Shikoku, you might find yourself answering the call for some delicious baked goods with a familiar "ring" to them. Yes indeed, the Green Gables bakery is offering up tasty gingerbread (or so it would seem) iPhones, complete with sugar frosted icon icing and even a faux camera lens on the back.

Nicole Martinelli discovered these cell phone snacks and reports on them at Cult of Mac, where she suggests a hidden benefit to the mobile muchables: "you don’t have to worry about managing or forgetting its cookies."

The cell phone cookies are surprisingly accurate in appearance - well, as accurate as a chef with a frosting gun can get. Each one prominently displays both the Apple and Softbank logos; the latter being the only official carrier of the iPhone for Japan.

Does Green Gables bakery care about copyright infringement or fear visits from Apple and Softbank lawyers? maybe not... let them eat cake! (via Blog NOBON and 3yen)