iPhone, iPod and iPad Custom Button Stickers Bling Up the Power

Want to add some extra eye appeal to your Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad? Don't just bring it on, bling it on with cute & colorful Touch Me! button custom home button stickers from Japan's Strapya World!

Is there any part of your mobile device more important than the home button? Now more than ever, “home” is where the heart is and now you can show your home button some luv by adding some custom bling direct from Japan.

Touch Me! button stickers invite you to do just that, and they're so cute you'll want to touch them again and again. The button stickers come 6 to a package, which is important because they can't be re-used once you remove them from your device. Not that this will ruin you financially: a package of 6 Touch Me! button stickers costs just 380 yen (around $4.75), or about 80 cents each.

Choose from three different motifs: Switch, Button and Donut. Switch reproduces the original rounded square symbol on your Apple i-device while Button gives the look of a shiny shirt or blouse button, which is kinda neat.

My personal fave are the Donut button stickers, and why not? Each package contains a mouth-watering assortment of a half-dozen glazed donuts realistic enough to make Homer Simpson drool.

These look amazing once installed on your iPhone, iPod or iPad... and while they're about the same size and shape as contact lenses, be advised that they're NOT.

Editor's Note: A wide selection of Touch Me! button stickers are also available on Amazon here.

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Aug 22, 2011
by Anonymous

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