iPhone, iPod and iPad Get A Stylish Stylus - The iFinger!

Apple's trendy iPhone, iPod and iPad may be finger friendly but scratches and fingerprints are so uncouth. The 'Ozaki iFinger M' stylus pen aims to add functionality with a dash of flair.

The iFinger M from Linksinternational Inc is a high-tech, ergonomic stylus pen specially designed for users of Apple's wildly popular iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Though these devices were designed to be used by human beings, a mechanical interlocutor like the iFinger M bridges the gap between the animate and the inanimate.

The iFinger M, Japanese-sounding name aside, comes from a Taiwan-based PC peripheral device maker called Ozaki. The company is scheduled to release the black version of the iFinger M on July 17th, 2010, with a white version to follow. Japan has been selected to be the debut market for the device.  

Now to the specs: the body of the Ozaki iFinger M is made of aluminum alloy and includes an attachment strap that connects to a device's earphone jack - Ozaki assumes you won't be listening and stylus-ing at the same time.  Speaking of which, the business end of the pen is covered in soft rubber that won't scratch LCD screens and at the same time allows the stylus to move smoothly.

Number crunchers should note that the iFinger M measures 41 x 9 x 9mm (around 2" by 1/3") in size and weighs just 5g (1/6 oz). Pricing is estimated to be 1,980 yen, or $22.50 each. Makes a great gift; give the iFinger to a friend! (via Tech-On and TokyoMango)