Rest Your Weary Arms With The Bubble Gum iPhone Stand

If you're finding the polished aluminum housing of your iPhone a tad too sophisticated, if the finely cut beveled edges and overall design precision have reached a level that you're just not comfortable with any more, why not tart it up a bit with the bubble gum stand for iPhone?

Designed by whores and teenage girls, the stand comes in shocking pink, and in addition to lowering the overall tone of your mobile device, also allows you to unload the great weight of the iPhone and get some well-earned rest. Heaven only knows that carting around four ounces for more than an hour at a stretch can take its toll on a person.

None of us are as young as we were, and there's no sense overdoing things and possibly winding up in the hospital with a slipped disc, or worse, simply because you were too proud to ask for some help propping up your iPhone. 

Well, that help is here now. A glop of silicone rubber that puckers up to the back of your phone and hopefully holds it in place with suction cups, leaving you free to unwind in the comfort of your sofa, scanning the room with a pair of high-power binoculars on the lookout for any sign as to where you might have left your phone.

The iStuck, as it's called, is available on Amazon and should work with pretty much any phone, iPod or similar sized device that does not have a cloth, leather, or grooved back. 

A leather iPhone. Is there such a thing?

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