iPhone Massage Ball Earphone Jack Accessory Rubs You The Right Way

I love the iRub! The BURURIN Massage Ball Earphone Jack Accessory from Japan's Genius Cell turns your Apple iPhone into a stress-relieving pleasure machine... whether it's turned on or not.

And here you thought your iPhone already was a can't-live-without source of satisfaction, just as the late Steve Jobs intended. Indeed, the revered tech guru and brand builder may be smiling somewhere in the Great Beyond as his mechanical progeny become ever more essential to modern life.

Jobs may have even anticipated the BURURIN Massage Ball Earphone Jack Accessory to the point of copyrighting the “iRub” name, because no doubt the plug-in manual stress-reliever would be named exactly that if it were legally doable.

But back to the iRu... er, the BURURIN Massage Ball Earphone Jack Accessory. Available in your choice of hot pink, sky blue or clay gray, this clever variation on the Plugy theme requires no power to work its magic, other than the muscle power of the user.

All that's required is a basic familiarization with the concept of acupressure and some of the more common acupressure points. That's acupressure, not acupuncture... we're not sure the world (not to mention the TSA) is ready for steel needles poking out from our smartphones.

Genius Cell is offering the BURURIN Massage Ball Earphone Jack Accessory at its online store priced at $10.50 each, and although the silicone plastic balls don't really sport smiley faces as in the image at top, those who use it certainly will!