iPhones In Japan Get Wireless TV With USB SEG Clip


When it comes to watching portable, digital TV, Apple's iPhone falls short when compared side to side with run-of-the-mill Japanese cell phones that pack one, sometimes even two TV tuners as standard features. The iPhone has zero - forcing owners who want to watch TV on the go to buy an iPhone-specific add-on that is now sold out.

I-O Data's "SEG Clip" (Japanese product page here) offers tube-watchers an alternative that's reasonably priced ($70) and will bring digital signals using the 1Seg standard (used only in Japan, Brazil and Peru) to the tuner-less iPhone 3G and 3GS as well as the iPod touch.

The device looks like an ordinary USB flash drive except for the folding WiFi antenna sprouting from its case. Just plug the USB 2.0 SEG Clip into a computer's USB port and proceed to wirelessly stream TV shows to your iPhone. Then, with the program(s) saved, get mobile and watch the saved shows any time, anywhere. You'll need to download the TVPlayer app from the Japanese AppStore but not to worry, it's free. 

The SEG Clip is expected to be released by the end of August 2009 and, one hopes, won't be sold out soon. (via MobileCrunch)