iPig - One Rockin’ Docking Station for Your iPod


The Speakal iPig is a high-quality stereo system and iPod docking station all wrapped up into one good looking pig.  Just slide your iPod into the top of the iPig and listen to your favorite tunes.  The high-quality 2.1 stereo system has adjustable bass and treble, a total output of 25+ Watts, 4-inch sub-woofer, bass reflex system and so much more.  


 And what  little iPig doesn't love to be petted? To crank up the sound, just touch his right ear.   Touching his left ear turns down the volume.    Watch him light up when you pet his ears or give him a task to do with the remote control.

iPig WhiteiPig White

 This charming iPod accessory comes in four colors - white, yellow, pink and a super-cool limited edition black. 

iPig Limited Edition BlackiPig Limited Edition Black

iPig Specifics:

  • iPig 2.1 Stereo iPod Docking Station  is compatible with all  iPods with a dock connector.
  • Compatible with MP3/MP4 players, portable and non-portable game consoles, all sorts of DVD and CD players, PCs, mobile phones and televisions.
  • Besides the iPig, an AC adapter, remote control, 3.5-mm auxiliary cable and dock adapters are also included.

iPig Remote ControliPig Remote Control

Not quite ready for the hog "market", he weighs in at 6 pounds and is about 6x5x6 inches. But no matter what color you select, this little guy is green.  He is made from non-hazardous, environmental-friendly materials.  This little piggy has a 1 year limited warranty and is available on Amazon for under $130.

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