iPong: It's Like Batting Cages For Table Tennis

Trying to turn ping pong from a Saturday-afternoon hobby to a lucrative, money-making profession? Finding that table tennis mittens just aren't getting you to the finish line any faster? Here's your latest training tool: iPong.

Yes it uses the completely played-to-death i[Product] format, but it still looks like an awful lot of fun.

In baseball/softball, you don't always have a friend to pitch you the ball and help you with batting practice. So you go to the batting cage and take advantage of an automatic pitching machine. While the threshold for practice partner is a little lower for ping pong, you still don't always have someone to practice with, so the iPong hurls balls your way and lets you test and improve your reaction time and return. You can adjust between 12 and 70 balls per minute. 

You can pile in a heap of ping pong balls (up to 110) and just practice drilling them for hours at a time. Actually, you'll probably have to reload a couple of times before you get hours of practice, but you get the idea. You can even choose from three spin settings: top spin, heavy top spin and under spin.

I find it difficult to believe that there are more than a very select group of individuals that would ever want to play ping pong enough to buy a ping pong pitching machine, but for those that are that serious, Amazon's got the the Table Tennis Trainer for $100. And if you get bored of solo ping pong, this looks like it'd be fun to carry around and shoot siblings, roomates and neighbors with

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Feb 24, 2012
by Anonymous

Pitching Machines

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