With IPOs & Bankruptcy In The Air, Zynga Soars, American Airlines Zags & Alec Baldwin Zings

There's seems to be a glint of irony taking to the not-so-friendly skies, or so one popular TV-star would like the world to believe. While online gaming giant Zynga hopes to reap between $850 million and $1.15 billion with its impending IPO offering on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange, the venerable American Airlines files Chapter 11 to reorganize its massive debt. So what's the connection between the two companies where one's on an uptick and the other is in dire straits financially? Well… Alec Baldwin, oddly, it seems!

Stories differ dependent on who you're talking to - but the movie and TV-star's take is that he was kicked off an American Airlines flight at LAX on December 6, because he was caught playing one of Zynga's latest additions to its gaming arsenal . . ."Words With Friends."

Baldwin, a prolific member of the Twitterati noted in a series of tweets: "Flight Attendant on American reamed me out 4 playing WORDS W FRIENDS while we sat at the gate, not moving. #nowonderamericanairisbankrupt."

So circuitously, it appears Mr. Baldwin makes his case based on American Airline attendants adhering its "no electronic device rule" being the reason for the 'airline going belly up.'  Might it be that Mr. Baldwin is more upset that the rules were not bent in his favor? Is the 30-Rock star peeved because he's not being treated. . . like, well. . . a rock star?

I'll leave that debate to the E-entertainment pundits! What's more interesting to me is the recent popularity of Zynga's latest addiction - Words With Friends.

While most of Zynga's games remain on Facebook (the platform on which the company got its start), mobile versions of company's big hitters like Words With Friends have made their way to Google's Androids and Apple's iPhones.

For those that lack the gaming gene and acumen, such as myself. . . Words With Friends might have slipped under your radar. So, for all those "living under a rock," here is the 411:

In a nutshell, Words With Friends is basically the game of Scrabble with a social cross-platform twist. Utilizing the magic of asynchronous multiplayer and push alerts, you can play games of Scrabble with friends across the world.  It's simplistic and intuitive enough, you can play it with your grandparents - while reaching a certain level of sophistication -  it's fun for even the most hardcore linguists who enjoy playing tougher word games.

And the best news, it's free.

The only caveat that should NOW be included in the description is that you cannot play this game with neither friend or foe while waiting on the runway before an American Airlines flight takes off.

And by no means, be caught playing this game with Alec Baldwin. . . less you want your financial status tweeted out to the world.

UPDATE - ABCNews - December 8, 2011 - Baldwin apologized to passengers but continues the feud with the airline...