iPotty Makes Potty Training A Wee Bit Hi-Tech

Potty training is no picnic. It’s a long and tedious process with a few highs and a lot of lows. At least that’s how it’s been in my house. Let’s just say the carpet spot cleaner has come in very handy on more occasions than I care to discuss. I’ve heard stories of children who are fully potty trained in a matter of days – amazing mythical children who I must assume only exist in fairy tales – but I have never had this experience. My oldest daughter took nearly a year to fully train and my younger one seems to be heading down the same path. Perhaps the iPotty could help.

Yes, even potty training has gone hi-tech now. The iPotty, which debuted at this year’s Consumer Electronic’s Show, gives toddlers some incentive to stay on the pot. It’s a training potty with a twist. The main part of the iPotty looks like the traditional plastic potty with a seat and bowl, but then there’s an attached pedestal of sorts that’s made to hold an iPad. Don’t worry; there’s also a splash guard to keep your iPad safe from wayward spray.

So if you have a potty trainee in the house and you're not opposed to using a little distraction and bribery to help with the process, then you may want to check the iPotty out. Reportedly, it will be available in March of this year and will sell for about $40.

Sources: Today.com, Coolest-Gadgets.com

Feb 5, 2013
by Katie Gatto

I don't think I'd put my

I don't think I'd put my iPad there. At least not if I had a boy.

Feb 6, 2013
by Kim Patterson

:) I'm not sure I would

:) I'm not sure I would either, but it's an interesting idea.