Iran Automaker Claims Title of World Most Powerful Compressed Natural Gas Engine

While most of the alternative energy attention is focused on electrics, there are some automakers who are looking more into Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). Iran Khodro, one such company based out of the Middle East, has recently released information claiming they will be producing the most powerful CNG engine available on the market. Their plan is to bring such powerplants into the spotlight and offer another viable alternative to petroleum fuels.

Currently, the Honda Civic GX holds the CNG power record with 113 horsepower. Iran Khodro's turbocharged engine will be rated in the 150 horsepower range, nearly 40 horsepower above the Civic. Unfortunately, the only information released was the power output, with no torque rating or engine speed information included. The total displacement of the engine and the number of cylinders is also not known at this time.

One thing the company was sure to mention was the engine will be ale to produce its optimum power even at altitudes in excess of 6,000 feet above sea level. Considering the average altitude of many parts of the Middle East, this will be a very important selling point for the upcoming automaker.

The new engine is set to debut on the new four-door Samand Soren ELX.