IRiver NV Mini Bike Edition--The Navigation System For Your Bike

Based on iRiver's NV car navigation system, the NV mini bike edition takes the nav system to the car's two-wheeled cousin. While it looks rather huge and dangerous in the close-up below, it's actually much more manageable than it looks and is comparable in size to other bike computers and GPS units.

Like the NV, the unit uses a touchscreen, which is scaled down to a 3.5-inch 320 x 240 size. However, iRiver has scaled up the sizing of the interface to make it more friendly to glove-wearing cyclists. With that interface, cyclists get all kinds of functions including GPS, music playback and stat calculation such as speed, distance and time. The iRiver even offers Points of Interest, providing quick info access to places like bike shops, coffee shops and restaurants. It includes both built-in speakers for annoying the neighborhood and a 3.5mm jack for those that prefer to keep it personal. 

Unfortunately for us cyclists and bikers here in the States, this one is only available in Korea at the moment, and there's no word if it will make it over. Given the trendiness and popularity of biking, though, we can hold out some hope. It sells for the equivalent of $156--not bad for what's basically a GPS, multimedia player and cycling computer rolled into one. 

SlashGear via GadgetCrave