iriver W7 Portable Media Player Doubles as a Navigation System

The iriver W7 isn't your average MP3 player. Yeah, it plays music, video, games, displays photos, among other things, but it also doubles as a fully functional navigation system for your car. There's no other media player like it on the market.

This slim portable media player sports a huge 3 inch LCD touch-screen display, which makes for a nice-sized canvas for viewing photos, playing flash games, or watching video. The iriver W7 doesn't have a built-in GPS antenna which is a good thing, because a GPS antenna tends to add some bulk to the device. The W7's GPS antenna is built-in to its holding dock instead. Just slide the W7 into the dock, and it now is able to "transform" into a navigation system (see video).

This player will be available in two different flash-based memory models: 4GB or 8GB. There is also a microSD card slot for adding additional memory if you desire. You'll have to wait a few months to purchase the iriver W7 in the U.S., as it's not expected to hit store shelves until sometime this Spring. The W7 is already available in Korea (lucky!). Prices are still a mystery, but estimates put it around $250 for the 4GB model and $300 for the 8GB model.

The iriver W7 is sure to be a popular media player in the United States this year. It did win Cnet's "Best of CES Award" at the 2008 CES in the "MP3 and portable video player" category. Stay tuned for more details on the iriver W7 as its U.S. release date approaches...

Source: Cnet

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