IriverOn Creates Wireless Headphones With A Heart Rate Monitor


Take a traditional headset, eliminate the wires but add a heart rate monitor, a smartphone app with a ton of fitness capabilities and you get the iriverOn headset. With a built in biometric sensor in the right earbud you can track your heart rate while you listen to music and you only need one piece of equipment.

The iriverOn also comes equipped with an accelerometer that tracks distance traveled. That's not all. With the iriverOn and the accompanying smartphone app, you can measure your speed, pace, intensity, cadence, VO2 Max and calories burned. The app also allows you to track your progress.

So, is it for you? That's always the question on the hour, and the answer will always depend on the individual. The bottom line is heart rate monitors are great tools for helping you exercise more efficiently and tracking your progress. You can be sure that you are training in a heart rate zone that is ideal for your fitness needs (i.e. if you want to lose weight, the "fat burning" zone is ideal), and you can watch your VO2 Max increase as you get in better and better shape. 

However there are variables in picking the right heart rate monitor. Traditional heart rate monitors employ a chest strap. The iriverOn frees you from the strap. It fits around your neck (it is adjustable for different neck sizes) and only weighs 1.9 oz. Having the heart rate monitor in a headset is what I would call an advantage as well, because it consolidates equipment. Also, the iriverOn's earbud caps come in three sizes, something of which I, and my abnormal ear cavities, appreciate.

To answer my earlier question, if you want a lightweight heart rate monitor that doubles as a headset and can track various fitness measurements, then yes the iriverOn may just be the right thing for you. It will run you a little bit more than the average heart rate monitors, but remember you're getting the headphones and capabilities to measure a number of other fitness components as well. IriverOn is available at the iriverOn site and at Amazon.

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