Iron-Man-Like Mountain Climber Shield Could Save Lives

Futuristic Mountain Climber ShieldFuturistic Mountain Climber Shield

Climbing mountains isn't for the faint of heart. This is a physically grueling, sometimes life-threatening activity enjoyed by some of the world's toughest outdoors men and women. In conditions that could possibly threaten a climber's safety, the Mountain Climber Shield would provide support that could reduce the risk of life-threatening complications.

The Mountain Climber Shield is a concept designed by Cheng Hang, Dong Quian Wen, Ye Zi Hui, Zhang Ting Yu and Zhou Hong Ru. This concept would combat the dangers of mountain climbing with on-board heating, oxygen and electricity. 

Mountain Climber Shield HeatMountain Climber Shield Heat

Climbing mountains is tough work. As you increase your altitude, the air gets thinner, making it harder to breathe, the temperature drops, making it harder to maintain body heat, and you get further away from civilization, making it harder to get help if you run into trouble--like maybe someone in your party gets too cold and hypothermia sets in. 

Solar panels power the Mountain Climber Shield. As the suns rays hit the shield, the panels harness solar energy and that energy heats water-filled coils inside the shield, warming the climber. The solar energy would power the oxygen system, also located inside the shield, and could be used to power communications devices, so that climbers can stay in touch with base camp. 

Mountain Climber Shield OxygenMountain Climber Shield Oxygen

As climbers make progress, increasing their altitude, they can be proactive and pop out the oxygen mask and take a quick breath of fresh, oxygen-rich air. If they're starting to feel the effects of depleted oxygen levels, the oxygen comes in handy once again. And they will always be warm with the heated electric coils. 

Though this is just a conceptual design, as of now, the Mountain Climber Shield could potentially be a life-saving device. Of course, mountain climbing in extreme conditions isn't for everyone, and the Mountain Climber Shield won't make mountain climbing more accessible to the general public. However, it will make the it safer for the tough, hard-nosed climbers out there. 

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