Iron Maiden Bench? Excellent!... Unless You're Short On Cash

Been mugged at the park lately? Thanks to design student Fabian Brunsing, human muggers have now been removed from the occasion. In their place we have a bench that can't be sat upon until you pay first.

Way to go, Fabian, you've given new meaning to the term, "This is a stick up!"  

Brunsing calls his update on the medieval Iron Maiden "Pay & Sit: The Private Bench", and he created it as an entry in an interface/design competition.

The good news is there's only one... in Berlin, Germany. The bad news is, city authorities around the world who already have implemented a number of anti-homeless features on park benches will have their attention piqued - because Brunsing's bench is a revenue generator.

See that metal box under the bench? No, it's not a cold bottled water vending machine or a vibro-massager, that would be too much to expect.

Instead, one must deposit 0.5 euros (about 70 cents) in order to get the rows of steel spikes to retract into the 2x2 wood ties that make up the bench's frame.

So you've paid your 0.5 euros and are enjoying a welcome rest, admiring the park's verdant scenery, when suddenly BZZZZZZZ!!!

"Damn those kids and their vuvuzelas, I oughta... OWWW!!!" You guessed it, time's up and the spikes, they be a-spikin' your previously paid-up posterior. Out of change? Sorry... please come again! Check out this video to see Brunsing's Bench Of Death in action. Wow, that seems like a really short time before the sitter has to dig into his pockets for more euros. Somehow that's hardly surprising. (via Treehugger).

Jul 28, 2011
by meggy

It's absurd, I hope this

It's absurd, I hope this idea will never be applied in public parks, people have the right to have a relaxing stay on a bench in a park, why should they have to pay for that? And that money box looks more like home safes, it's not fair to ask people money for that.