Is the Reign of the Viper Over?

The Dodge Viper is one of the few remaining American Supercars and sadly, it too many soon be removed from the Chrysler production line. But the Viper isn't done fighting yet. Rather than just discontinuing the Viper, the rights may be sold to a third party where the legacy can continue.

Last month, talk began circulating about the possible sale of Dodge's V10 Halo Car. Within days Chrysler CEO, Bob Nardelli, has confirmed that they have indeed been contacted by several potential buyers and although there has been no final decision made, they will be in contact with them. The names of the third parties have not yet been released.

Not too long after the release of the news, Viper fans from all across the globe responded with a unanimous "You are going to what!?" Nardelli was quick to point out that the decision will take into account the best interest of fans and supporters of the Viper.

The possible sale will also slow down the celebration after the ACR Viper broke the Corvette ZR-1's record at Nurburgring. The Viper ran the 12.9 mile course in 7:22, although the number time is not yet official. Behind the wheel was Tom Coronel, a FIA World Touring Car Championship driver. The track was dry and the weather was favorable for an attempt at the record.

After a few practice laps, Coronel opened the 600 horsepower V10 up and pounded out the record breaking lap time. The only modification that was made to the vehicle was the addition of a Racetech racing seat and a 6-point harness. Although a few suspension tweaks were also made, the suspension is adjustable from the factory.

The talk of selling also comes less than half a year after Dodge Celebrated the completion of Viper number 25,000, which was finished back in March of this year. To reach this number, Vipers have been being hand built for 17 years and to commemorate the occasion, the American Club Racing (ACR) edition Viper was re-introduced.

No official decision has been handed down and Chrysler is assuring the followers of the Viper that they will do what is best for both the company and the fan base of the legendary vehicle.

From : Motor Authority