iSee: Spray On Contact Lenses Offer Cool Colors And Correct Eyesight

Anyone who's tried contact lenses will tell you that at one time, the thought of having to stick something in their eyeball with their finger was unappealing if not scary. For some, it's an issue that's been overcome because it's preferable to having to stick to eyeglasses 24/7; others just can't get over it. A new innovation, provides contact vision correction and cool colours with no eye poking!

iSee Spray Contact LensesiSee Spray Contact Lenses

Eye poking may not be on the agenda with iSee spray on contact lenses, but those who want to try it out will have to be willing to spray something in their eye instead. The solution must be sprayed directly on the eyeball and then it creates a film that lasts 24 hours. This is also a great option for those who forget to remove their contacts, since it wears off on its own when the time comes for an additional applications.

Spray On Color and Correcting ContactsSpray On Color and Correcting Contacts

What is particularly neat about these spray on contacts is that they come in 2 formats - those for vision correction and those just for fun with funky colors and cool designs!

EDITOR'S UPDATE: This item is no longer available and the source website is now inactive.

Source: Via: BellaSugar

May 15, 2010
by Anonymous

Does that really work?

Does that really work? That's one of the most awesome things I've ever seen.

I was never keen on the thought of putting something on my eye using my finger and then leaving it there. I know that, with my lack of coordination, I'd probably poke my eye way too many times. But a I could probably deal with a spray. Does it just color the middle of your eye or does it get all over the rest of your eye and your face too?

May 16, 2010
by Anonymous

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