ISIS’ Social Media Appeal To Americans To Make Love, Not War?

ISIS might be way more dangerous than anyone any thinks. In an unprecedented military tactic, the self-declared “caliphate” of Syria and Iraq is using social media for the purpose of enticing American women to help procreate the next generation of jihadists. And in the process, the terrorist organization that's now the over-lord of large swathes of Syria and Iraq is showing, once again, that it’s almost as shrewd with social media as it is ruthless on the battlefield.

Baby Factories

This week in a Reuters release, Mia Bloom from the Center for Terrorism and Security Studies at the University of Massachusetts Lowell announced that “ISIS is recruiting these women in order to be baby factories - they are seeing the establishment of an Islamic state and now they need to populate the state.”

One twitter profile with the handle @Qawlu_Sawarim was reported by the Daily News to be very active in this regard. One of the tweets issued attached a photograph of what the next generation of ISIS might look like in the foreseeable future, after procreation with American women. A Caucasian toddler with a semi-automatic rifle is seen in the disturbing photo -- but, shortly after it appeared, Twitter suspended this account.

Catfishing Online…

In April, authorities arrested 19-year-old Shannon Conley, who purchased a one-way ticket to the Middle East, at the Denver International Airport. She pleaded guilty to attempting to join a terror organization. She also admitted a male recruited her online to join ISIS in what might have been a ‘catfishing’ expedition.

Midwest Targets

In Minneapolis-St.Paul, six families reported missing female relatives from one of the largest Somali communities in America. Community leader Abdirizak Bihi said he does not know with certainty why the females left their home, but believes they may have beeen inclined to join the Islamic State.

At least one Somali case has been confirmed. A 19-year-old female Somali told her family she was attending a bridal shower upon leaving the house, but instead flew to Turkey to join the Islamic State terrorists. Officials also said 15-20 men have also their Minneapolis-St. Paul community to join ISIS in Syria.

Sexual Jihad

Other women have been reported openly volunteering to engage in jihad al-nikah, or what is known as sexual jihad. The terrorists assure the women, the premarital sex is acceptable because sexual jihad is a legitimate form of holy war.

"These women are believed to have offered themselves in sexual comfort roles to ISIS fighters who are attempting to establish Islamic rule in the Middle East,” said one source in Malaysia, adding, "This concept may seem controversial but it has arisen as certain Muslim women here are showing sympathy for the ISIS struggle."

Other incidents of sexual jihad point to one sect of ISIS executing its own sexual jihad edict in June after the terrorists took over Mosul, Iraq. Unfortunately in this instance, many of the women were forced into the sexual jihad against their will. The terrorists demanded residents bring all unmarried girls to perform their duty in jihad by providing sex to the militants.

Brides of ISIS: Caliph-ettes

The ChristianAction organization reports that many of the authors of sympathetic ISIS tweets and blogs are Western women married to jihadi warriors. They aim to persuade would-be “sisters” in Europe and the United States to travel to the Middle East to assist ISIS build its extremist vision of an Islamic society. YouTube has also been deployed in this recruitment process.

Breitbart News recently exposed women who used social media to paint a pretty picture of life with terrorist husbands. The women show a united and happy front with their “sisters” and answer questions from Western women. The majority of them use Umm, which means mother in Arabic, in their Twitter handle.

And while many of the accounts have since been deleted, more than 30,000 pro-ISIS Twitter accounts popped up after journalist James Foley was murdered in August. Twitter has consistently attempted to delete these accounts, but the jihadists form new ones just as quickly.

Enemy Within

Social Media’s best attributes are also its worse. It’s ability to amplify messages to global audiences in real-time serves as both its blessing and curse. However, in the case of women who are reached through social media and become willing participants in the support of the ISIS cause, one can’t condemn the distribution channel that allows or disallows that type of communication.

Yes, it makes all of us more cautious when looking over our shoulder at our neighbors and our online followers, but the ‘enemy within’ has grown up in all cultures  — during periods of war, as well as times of peace. To help stem the tide, It becomes incumbent on the citizens of any nation to tread lightly when it appears and report to the authorities, when danger becomes most imminent.