The Island Of The Misfit Foods: Catering With Ugly Produce

As a not just self-proclaimed kitchenphobe, culinary businesses aren't among my favorite, unless Culinary Misfits LogoCulinary Misfits Logothey're really, really cool. With that disclaimer, the fact that I am really excited about this business has to say something to you about how innovative it is.

Culinary Misfits doesn't get its name because the chefs behind the catering business aren't offering a high quality service. The whole premise of their business is that they can produce food that rivals that of any top-ranked caterer, all while using misfit produce.

What most of us as consumers don't realize is that there are plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables that never leave the farms that grow them. From use and nutritional standpoints, this produce is perfectly good. Its only fault is that it is undesirable looking. This ugly food has people looking down their nose at it if it ends up in farmer's market sales, grocery store produce departments, or kitchens of reputable chefs around the world.

So what happens to the produce deemed too ugly for standard use? It is fed to animals, or simply thrown away. At a time when conserving our environment is at the forefront of our minds, this is something that more people should be aware of, to support a growing market of businesses encouraging us to embrace misfit fruits and veggies. 

Culinary Misfits is based in Germany, and is one of the first catering companies of its kind. It ensures that its motto - effectively the message that beauty is only skin deep - is well-known to its patrons. Dishes are uniquely named after the unusual characteristics of the produce used, and served on quirky dinnerware. 

Culinary Misfits FoundersCulinary Misfits Founders

Culinary Misfits was first launched in 2012, and has had a crowdfunding campaign (where you're also find a video about their initiative) to help them setup a permanent location for their unique catering business, and grow their initiative.  This probably isn't the last we have seen of this type of business concept either. And I will be waiting for my commission when "the island of the misfit foods or fruits" becomes a business name or tagline, please and thank you.

What do you think of this unique, culinary business concept?

Via: Inhabitat , Culinary Misfits on Facebook