“iSpoon” Ice Cream Shovel Is One Super Duper Scooper

The limited edition, anodized aluminum, Icemania “iSpoon” from Japan's Akao Aluminum can handle the hardest, coldest ice cream around! Priced around $25 each, the super-duper scooper includes a custom carrying pouch ideal for those late night visits to Zyggie's Ice Cream Parlor.

Now if you're like us, you're thinking “why would anyone aside from Uncle Buck want to eat ice cream with a shovel?” Obviously you've never been to Japan in the summertime – take your sweet time eating ice cream and you'll have to use a straw.

Perhaps this is why Japanese convenience stores chill their ice cream down to where it can act as a superconductor: at least it'll stay solid on the train ride home.

What's more, digging in right here, right now is a non-starter considering the uselessness of the flimsy wooden spoons issued by those self-same convenience stores.

This can be frustrating, and according to Rocketnews24 it's the main impetus behind Convenience Store Ice Cream Mania über blogger and frozen treat critic, “Ice-man” Fukudome demanding the research team at Akao Aluminum swing into action. The result is the shovel-shaped aluminum spoon you see here. All-aluminum construction means the heat of the user's hand is quickly conducted through the spoon and into the ice cream at the point of contact. Isn't science amazing?

Since both convenience stores and the urge to indulge in delicious frozen deserts can pop up just about anywhere and anytime in Japan (or elsewhere), Akao Aluminum has made it easy for users to take their iSpoon with them wherever they may roam.

“Have shovel, will travel”... and for that you either stow it in the snappy (it has snaps, OK?) carrying case or loop a thong through the hole in the handle and wear it around your neck. If Flavor Flav can do it with clocks, nobody's gonna diss your Ice Cream Shovel.

Better act fast if an iSpoon's on your delish dish wish list: only 100 have been made and when they're gone, you can't take this job and shovel it. (via Japan Today, Rocketnews24, and NariNari.com)