Is It A Bike? Is It A Boat? Nope, It's The X1 Water Bike

X1 Water BikeX1 Water Bike

It's not a bike, and it's not a boat...well, not exactly. It's a cross between a bike and a boat, but it's not a paddle boat either. It's the X1 Water Bike, and it will make your next trip to the lake a lot more fun, and you can get in a great workout as well.

Designed for speed and maneuvers, the X1 is the world's most advanced production water bike (or so their site says). If you've ever ridden a paddle boat, you know that trying to pick up speed is a chore. I always feel like one of those cartoon characters whose feet are moving super fast, but who's going nowhere. With the X1, you get speed if you put in the effort. 

X1 PedalsX1 Pedals

The X1 features a proprietary drive train, twin propellers and dual chamber pontoons. The drive train is also a multi-speed unit. This design allows this vessel to move. And with its responsive steering unit--the twin oscillating propellers--not only can you pick up speed, you can maneuver in tight spaces as well. 

A myriad of bicycle components are incorporated into the X1's design as well. From the saddles, adjustable stems and handlebars to the pedals and cranks, you'll get the feel of riding a bicycle...only, you'll be enjoying the open water while you do. 

X1 FeaturesX1 Features

Some other features on the X1 include high-intensity LED lighting (so your water cycling doesn't have to end when the sun goes down) and an attractive travel bag for parts and accessories.

The X1 Water Bike is easy to assemble and disassemble; you can do it in under 10 minutes, and it will fit on most vehicle bike racks and in most trunks. It's frame, while lightweight, is very strong--able to support up to 300 pounds. 

Not only is the X1 a cool, speedy human-powered vessel, but the "human-powered" aspect will give you a great workout. If you think this is the product for you, just be warned that it will cost you a pretty penny (about $9,450), but you're getting a cool and quality product for your money.

Source: Schiller Bikes