Is It Christmas Yeti?

People have been searching for the yeti for hundreds of years and there appears to be a real motivation behind those searches -- the meat. It is apparently the secret behind the Sherpas' ability to climb so easily at such high altitudes. Canned Yeti Meat is one kind of meat that Oscar Meyer doesn't pack and ship, and one that isn't readily available at your deli counter.

Canned Yeti MeatCanned Yeti Meat

However, you can now buy cans of this precious protein online. Yessiree bob, use it for sandwiches, stews, soups, casseroles, or what have you. Keep away from dogs and cats or they may revert to the ferocity of their wild state. It is the perfect snack for winter trekking and climbing.

Yeti meat is very high in protein and, try as they might, processors cannot manage not to include some of the fur. As it turns out the fur is a great source of fiber. This is mountain-grown yeti from high in the Himalayas for the richest, cleanest taste possible. Being mountain grown means that it also goes great with a cup of Folgers Coffee (Hey, I'm an Olson, we promote coffee, and if you don't get this reference you're too young). Of course everyone knows that red wine goes best with a good yeti steak with garlic butter sauce.

This is the perfect nerd/geek Christmas gift of the year that does not contain expensive electronics. Whether your favorite nerd or geek is into fantasy, sci-fi, conspiracy theories, or all three, they will love this gift. This is also a great gag gift for those Secret Santa exchanges at the office.

Note: the can does not actually contain yeti meat -- obviously. What it really has in it is a stuffed yeti foot made of polyester. Get over yourself! You know you still want one!

Canned Yeti MeatCanned Yeti Meat

Add this to your collection of canned Unicorn Meat and Dragon Meat. To order Canned Yeti Meat from ThinkGeek for yourself or several for your geek posse, click here.

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