It Takes 19 Tons Of Candy To Make One Sweet Street Mosaic!

When a team of artists in Chengdu, China laid down a most tasteful mosaic in front of an upscale shopping mall, they eschewed the use of tinted tiles in favor of colorful candy... a jaw-breaking 19 tons of sweets in total!

It's a good thing Hongxing Road is an official pedestrians-only street and it didn't rain on the day the mosaic was created – a double dose of serendipity that precluded the possibility of a sticky situation  for all concerned.

The carpet of confectionery stretched 180 meters (just over 590 feet) long and 7 meters (almost 23 feet) wide, with metal crowd-control barriers set up along its length to prevent peckish passersby from satisfying their collective sweet tooth.

The mosaic combined geometric patterns with stylized flowers and panda faces – the latter a tribute to Szechuan province's international claim to fame. You have to admit it complements the gigantic Pandazilla scaling the front of the shopping mall. (via iFeng News and Eastday)