Is It A Boy Or A Girl? At-Home Test Predicts Gender

IntelliGender at-home test may let you know if you are having a boy or a girl.IntelliGender at-home test may let you know if you are having a boy or a girl.

Instead of waiting the traditional 16 to 20 weeks for a sonogram, a new test claims to let a woman know whether she is carrying a boy or a girl as early as 10 weeks after conception.

The company Intelligender has come up with the Boy or Girl Gender Prediction Test. It works by isolating certain hormones and combining them with a “proprietary mix of chemicals” which give different reactions if a woman is carrying a boy or a girl.

By taking a urine test, Intelligender can let a woman know the sex of her baby in as little as ten minutes.

“Most parents have a great degree of curiosity to find out if they're having a boy or a girl, and it can be so excruciating to wait until the 20-week sonogram to find out,” IntelliGender co-founder Rebecca Griffin said. “But the test was never meant to be a diagnostic tool. We don't claim 100 percent accuracy.”

From Intelligender’s FAQ page:

Can I paint the baby’s room after the test results?
IntelliGender does not recommend test users to make any financial, emotional or family planning decisions based on the test results.  This includes painting a nursery!

The test became available online in 2006 and over 50,000 of them have been sold in the United States.  IntelliGender co-founder Rebecca Griffin told CNN that the test will not be sold in countries such as China and India, where it could possibly be used for gender selection.

The test, which claims to have 78-80 percent accuracy, turns orange for a girl and green for a boy.  Intelligender's Boy or Girl Gender Prediction test is sold at Walgreen’s and CVS for around $30. You can also order  it from Amazon here.

Intelligender's Website

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