It Took 4.4 Million Years To Tweet About Our Oldest Ancestor!

If you are an Evolutionist and a member of the Twitterverse, new evidence dates our human ancestory back 4.4 million years. Move over Lucy, YOUR ancestor pre-dated you by over a million years. "Ardi" is her name, and being acknowledged on Twitter is her game.

On October 1, 2009, tweets from Los Angeles' radio station KPCC, and San Francisco's TV station KRON4 News were some of the first to hit the Twitterstream

So why is this significant? For one it dates our social networking back another million-so years - for two, it took us over 4 million years to validate Ardi's existence. After all, until something is tweeted can you really believe it ever existed?

Sketch of ArdiSketch of ArdiArdi was discovered in a section of Ethiopia's Afar Rift, which was only 45 miles down the road from where Lucy use to hang out. And while Lucy's reignLucyLucy as our oldest ancestor lasted 35 years, she was discovered pre-Twitter. Ardi, on the other hand had the keen sense to stay hidden until the microblogging service was in place and her descendants could do her justice by announcing her claim to her ancestral throne officially on Twitter.

Ardi's hand and wrist were a mix of primitive traits and a few new ones, but they don't include the hallmark traits of the modern tree-hanging, knuckle-walking chimps and gorillas. Which means if living today, she would have been much better typing tweets at a keyboard then swinging from trees.

Her discovery is also important to dispel the belief that all members of the Twitterati descended from apes, and affirms the theory that us Tweeps CAN truly stand on two feet...and even chew gum at the same time (that's how much we have evolved!) Let's see your commonplace household chimp do that!