Italian Car Design Takes to the Sky

Pininfarina is best known for making some of the most beautiful and fastest cars we have even seen. Names like the Ferrari F50 and 612 come to mind. So if you are responsible for such names, what happens when you want more? Well, I guess the sky's the limit.

Pininfarina's Agusta AW139 Executive Helicopter is the ultimate way to travel in the air. The cabin can hold you and 8 of your closest business partners comfortably. The interior is adorned with wood grain panels and leather upholstery. For the longer journeys, 2 15" LCD monitors are connected to a DVD system and an 8-speaker surround sound system, with subwoofer of course.

Also included in the package is a fully programmable Satellite Navigation System, a telephone for making those important decisions on the spot and dual-zone climate control system.

For power, the Pininfarina Agusta uses a pair of Pratt & Whitney PT6C-67C turboshaft engines. Both are hooked up to a complex digital monitoring system and are controlled via a central panel in the cockpit. The Agusta is being sold through the Aero Toy Store, and will most likely be reserved for the very very wealthy.

From : Luxury Launches , Aero Toy Store