Italian Dogs: Their Diapers Don't Smell Thanks To Cliffi

Cliffi Lino, the scented, absorbent Italian dog diaperCliffi Lino, the scented, absorbent Italian dog diaperIf I were a dog in Italy, I would feel like a queen on a throne - and I don't mean a toilet!  The best design houses in the world, even Gucci and Louis Vuitton, would cater to my needs, and my human parents would suffer anything to clothe and feed me.  And when my human parents are out having fun and drinking wonderful Italian wine, I don't have to hold it in. I'd have Cliffi Lino to hold my wee-wee if I peed, and it would make me smell nice too!

Cliffi is introducing a new dog diaper, the Lino, a multi-layered, ultra-absorbent pad, laced with green tea to  inhibit the spread of bacteria.  But the Cliffi Lino is not just about the tea. This.. uh... diaper... is thick and it's got lots of layers of materials like cellulose and super absorbent polymers that "retain humidity, reducing the diffusion of bad odors." 

Then the Lino has a waterproof underliner so I won't stain the floor. 

And all the time I'm waiting for the humans to come home nice and happy from their wine, I don't have to stink like pee, because my Cliffi Lino has a "peacful and grounding" sweet, soft, rich aroma that is balsamic.

Maybe in my next life I'll be a queen dog in Italy.  For now, I'm okay being a queen bee. (via)


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