iTAP Charging Adapter Turns On The Power With One Turn Of The Tap

Turned off by humdrum iPhone and smartphone chargers? The iTAP USB-AC Charging Adapter from Japan's Hamee turns boring to pouring with its cute yet functional faucet design. One turn of the tap is all it takes to irrigate mobile phones, MP3 music players, portable game consoles and more with fresh-flowing electronic juice!

The iTAP features a standard two-pronged male electrical plug on its base – plug it into any Japanese (AC100-120V 50-60Hz 0.2A) wall outlet or extension cord. An internal red diode will begin softly glowing, showing that power is “on tap”, pardon the pun.

The business end of the polycarbonate-bodied faux faucet houses a USB connector input slot. Simply plug in the appropriate cable for your electronic device and you're ready to get charging. Turn the tap and watch the diode turn from red to blue, the color of electricity. Output voltage is DC5V rated output current 1A, just for your info.

The iTAP USB-AC Charging Adapter is available for ordering online at Rakuten, priced at 2,480 yen (about $25) with tax included. It comes packaged in a cardboard and plastic box; connection cables are not included and are the responsibility of the purchaser. (via Akihabara News)