iTie Innovative Fashion: Storing Your Gadgets While Looking Dapper

iTie solves two common tie problems; allowing men to make sure they always look dapper, while never requiring them to leave behind their favorite gadgets. Best of all, they'll feel like secret operatives, because this fashionable tie is so covert, no one will ever know it has more purpose than just color-coordinating with your shirt.

iTies are a unique fashion accessory for men, because they have a secret pocket in the back at the tie that allows men to store their iPods, cell phones, or other accessories that they need to sneak into their monthly sales meeting covertly. Plus, there's no worrying about the tie flying all over the place, because it comes with buttons attached to the back, so your gadgets are protected and you always look fashionable!

iTies come in a variety of different styles, so that men can always coordinate with their favorite corporate wear; and best of all, the ties are reasonably priced!

Via: Gizmodo

Jul 14, 2009
by Anonymous

I saw this on Pitchmen

A guy pitched this to Billy Mays and Sully on Discovery's Pitchmen. They agreed it was a good product, but turned it down because it only applies to 50% of the market (men).