The iTit Optical Wireless Mouse – No, It's Not Powered By Two Double "D"s

From designers Mostafa Tohidifar and David Abbasi comes the concept iTit optical mouse. In an attempt to create a design based on emotional involvement and tactile sensation rather than the typical cool sterility of computers, these two forward-thinkers came up with a simple way to make computer use more fun – a mouse that looks like a breast.

While this design looks great, we're eternally grateful that joysticks have largely disappeared from gaming culture, and just a touch concerned at what they might make a next-gen CD-rom drive look like.

Breasts are great. There are few things that most men (and some women) would rather hold on a daily basis, and the integration of breast designs into what has become one of the most pervasive aspects of consumer culture – the desktop computer – only makes sense. The concept iTit features not only a rubberized outside for a cushy tactile sensation, but a raised "joystick" and two buttons unbroken by any cleavage in the surface of the wireless breast.

 iTit Design: The Mouse of the Future?iTit Design: The Mouse of the Future? 

Truthfully, we're intrigued, despite the distinctly unnatural placement of the nipple of the thing, and slightly creepy sex-toy vibe that it gives off. Metaphorical vibe, that is. At least, we hope.

At this point, the potential product is nothing more than sketches in Photoshop, and it's unlikely that Apple would ever take on a such a risque product, but it's actually right up their alley. No, not the dark one with the guy in the trench-coat that sells cheap operating systems, the one in which they create products based on user comfort and functionality, rather than staying within the clearly-drawn lines of "standard" PC peripherals. 

The iTit would feature greater hand and wrist comfort than a regular mouse, and would almost certainly be more fun to use. Sure, there wouldn't likely be a scroll wheel, but the tiny nipple stick would more than make up for that.

It won't come out under the Apple brand, and would undoubtedly be a speciality item if it actually went into production, but there's something deeply appealing about holding a breast in your hand all day, especially one that can help you save the world, balance the books, or shoot Nazis.

Perhaps this is the breast we can hope for in new peripherals, or maybe these few photos are all we will have to recall the bold design of the iTit. Either way, thanks for the mammaries.

 Source: Tuvie