It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Tsū World

What does March Madness and the Tsu social network have in common? First introduced in 1984, the former has become one of the most popular annual sporting events in the United States. Created by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Men’s Division 1 Basketball, it’s an elimination tournament played each March in the United States. The latter is a new social network platform developed by Sebastian Sobczak and launched in October, 2014. To date, Tsu has attracted 4 million users globally over the course of the last 8 months.

The Madness is contagious

The zeitgeist of March Madness has become so ubiquitous, it has spawned hundreds of spin-off tournaments, most of which are not even basketball-related. In fact, there could virtually be a tournament for any event under the sun reflecting the interest of any group, organization and/or affiliation. This past Marx MadnessMarx MadnessMarch, the cultural online mag mental_floss curated a list of over 20 ’March Madness-like’ tourneys, which spanned a range of topics as diverse as ‘jargon,’ ‘mammals,’ ‘office throwdowns,’ ‘christian movies,’’Star Wars’ and ’Game of Thrones.’

The ‘Marx Madness’ was no doubt inspired by the catchy play-on-word analogy, but the goal of the tournament did focus on winnowing down a field of 64 Marxist thinkers to one champion - none of which (of course) were the real Karl Marx.

Campaign Duo

Bryan & Maria DaughertyBryan & Maria DaughertySuch was the inspiration for one Bryan Daugherty, a Web developer and Graphic designer by day and an active Tsuvian by night. With an able assist from his spouse, Maria the two have successfully designed, planned and executed two Tsu Madness events to date.

For those who are unfamiliar with how the social network Tsu has distinguished itself from the garden-variety of social networks akin to Facebook, several of my previous posts are more tutorial and will provide you with insights as to the features and benefits (most importantly of which includes a unique business model that actually pays its users for their original content.)

In interviewing the Daugherty's for this post, I learned more about how they conceived and launched two Tsu Madness events held in March and June of this year.

Madness to date

Esai Morales v DJ ChonzEsai Morales v DJ ChonzThe first involved celebrities (aka Tsulebrities) the likes of the TV and movie actor Esai Morales and the popular Denver disc jockey DJ Chonz.

The second tournament focused more on users who have earned a solid reputation in providing original content. There, the core group was derived from Tsuvian Dexter Roona (aka InfoBunny) whose ‘Tsu Top Active Members’ list was first introduced when Tsu went live last October.

“The first TsuMadness tournament highlighted some of the more well known and famous Tsu users. It included celebrities, athletes and musicians. At the time, Tsu was still quite new and I felt it would help to demonstrate to those just joining and those on other social networks that Tsu was something to look closer at,” notes Bryan.

By the time the second event kicked off in June, the ’Tsu Madness’ brand had expanded its reach and went viral across the ecosystem. The heightened interest by more Tsuvians was evident by the increased amount of monies raised for charity, which was the primary goal of both events.

The June tournament winner was author/model Anna Ortlieb who selected the Black Jaguar Foundation as her charity of choice. BJF is a non-profit organization that uses the black jaguar as a symbol for the alarming conditions in the Amazon rainforest and Cerrado savanna in Brazil. In this Tsu cartoon, I parodied New York Knicks forward, Carmelo Anthony (also a Tsu user) to poke some fun at the difference between the original March Madness and Tsu Madness.

“I think the greatest surprise (for the second tourney) was the end result. Over $1,100 was raised using Tsu’s unique algorithm (the earlier event raised $416.) This included both engagement on the Tsu Madness acccount page, as well as daily donations from donors across the network ranging from a few pennies to $100. I really was blown away at the charitable giving that took place. Especially considering it wasn't in response to some tragic event or atrocity,” said Bryan.

Regarding the charitable goal aspect, Maria felt these tournaments helped bring more users into the social network which is essential for any new network, particularly during its ‘early adopter’ growth stage. “During this tournament, the contestants were going to other social networks & bringing people to Tsu to vote for them. What better way to introduce someone to Tsu than a fun and interactive tournament that's primary goal is to raise money for charity,” asserted Maria.

In this music video, I produced a short 3.5 minute documentary that highlights the entire June event from start to finish, including all of the contestants and some of their fun and creative poster campaigns that were created to woo voters. Watch how the bracket categories narrow from 64 to 32, to the Sweet Sixteen down to Final Two.

Future Madness

Bryan and Maria are two very active Tsu users, who don't believe in resting on their laurels. In addition to repeating the June event next year to make it truly an annual event, the couple is busy at work developing a “Country Madness Tournament” scheduled for this fall.

“I don't want to give too much away, but this October's version will be vastly different from the first two tournaments. It will focus on bringing Tsu Madness to a more global audience. I have already received numerous requests by users to include their country, so it may balloon into the regular 64 bracket field,” says Bryan.

“This third tournament will demonstrate just how much influence this platform has gained worldwide, and will occur the same month of Tsu's one-year anniversary (October).”

For those who would like to participate, now is an excellent time to join and learn as much about this network and Tsu Madness before this event's kick-off.

Indeed, it’s a mad, mad, mad, mad world over at Tsu — but the madness is just part of this unique social network’s many appealing attributes. Go global with the world’s fastest growing social network - and check out all that's attracting new users exponentially every day.