It’s Always Winter With Snowtime Anytime Indoor Snowballs!

As a Floridian, the inherent fun of playing in cold, wet and slushy snow is completely lost on me, but at least I can enjoy pelting family members with plush snowballs year round!
Snowtime Anytime snowballs are pretty much what you think they are: a bucket or bag filled with a bunch of white and soft plush snowballs for some good, old fashioned indoor snowball battles. I’m sure that I’d spring for the larger 40-count bucket of snowballs from Amazon, if only to give anyone on the receiving end of the fuzzy barrage a frost-free avalanche of friendly fury. Well, there’s that, and like Nerf darts, rubber bouncy balls and little plastic spiders, I’m sure that the snowballs would attempt to make a retreat under couches, tables and entertainment centers, so it’s good to have plenty of spares.
But seriously, I think this is a fantastic idea to introduce a bit of indoor exercise and Christmas season fun for families in warmer climates, and if you don’t clean up after a snowball fight, you can just say that you’ve decorated the house! I’m not the only one who thinks that Snowtime Anytime is neat, as the mother and daughter team behind the concept won first place at the Christmas Gift & Hobby Show 2012 for their innovative indoor toy. Sure, there are all kinds of sweet games of catch, hide-n-seek and other nice ways to enjoy Snowtime Anytime, but if you’re human, you’re going to have a blast chucking them at your loved ones, no matter how chilly it is outside!
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