It's Been Leaked Social Media Acronyms Are Being Re-Defined

Our world was full of acronyms even before social media came onto the scene. In business, someone could be SOL because he was in deep water with his boss. Or a member of the military might be AWOL for taking too much time off for R&R and didn't CYA. But today, acronyms of all sorts have popped into our lexicon as the result of smartphones and Twitter -  where it became even more important to find quicker ways to communicate with a limited number of characters for a tweet or text message.

However this week, when the Washington Post reported that the CIA launched a task force to assess the impact of the exposure of thousands of US diplomatic cables, it appeared that the naming of that panel was an all-too-apt acronym. . . namely, WTF.

Officially known at CIA's headquarters as the "WikiLeaks Task Force," it is speculated that the acronym was chosen purposely as a 'middle finger' response to the US government for sharing highly classified Intel with other governmental agencies. According to the Post's report, "to some agency veterans, WikiLeaks has vindicated the CIA' long-standing aversion to sharing secrets… that came under sharp criticism after it was identified as a factor that contributed to the nation's failure to prevent the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001."

As recently as two years ago, the agency rejected a request to make more of its intelligence reports available on the SIPRNET, the classified network used by the Pentagon to pass information around the world.

Andy BorowitzAndy BorowitzFeeding off the black humor that emanated from the CIA's intentional or unintentional naming of their task force, comedian and satirist Andy Borowitz reported in the Huffington Post that the governmental agency could not let sleeping dogs lie. And that "on the heels of forming its new WTF, the CIA said  it was establishing a new division called Stop Terrorists From Uniting (STFU)," not to be confused with a vulgar term for "Shut up" used as Internet slang in tweets and text messages for quite some time.

But Andy did not stop there. He went so far to say that, "CIA director Leon Panetta spoke about the agency's plans for both WFU and STFU" and that they were both going to work out of the CIA's new headquarters, the Langley Operations Location (LOL).

"We are very excited about these new divisions," Mr. Panetta said. "Here at LOL, the words on everyone's lips are WTF and STFU." The CIA director also indicated according to Borowitz that the agency was about to announce the formation of yet another new devision, the Langley Mobile Foreign Antiterror Organization or LMFAO.

IAS, IMHO, while the CIA isn't about to call WikiLeaks founder its BFF any time soon, or will be DMing him anyJulian Assange, founder of WikiLeaksJulian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks news about these recent developments, I'm sure they will continue to keep a close chk on his whereabouts and B4 too long will be able to conduct a FTF with the man who IRL DGAF!