It's Five O'Clock Somewhere... But Where?

As the Country & Western song goes, “It’s five-o’clock somewhere.” But exactly where to go? Chicago-based SceneTap has developed an eponymous new mobile application that no urban cowboy or hip barhopper will want to leave home without.

SceneTap brings salooning into the 21st Century by applying “the best aspects of the most popular social networking sites to local barhopping,” and allows your handheld mobile device to answer the age-old question: “What’s going on tonight?”

From their press release, this is how SceneTap works:

  • Open SceneTap to see featured bars, deals, and specials in your area Locate nearby bars in map view or list view and receive immediate information.
  • Or, search more specific criteria: by number of people at the bar, age range of patrons, gender ratio, “type of scene,” distance, and more.
  • Browse specials, real-time SceneTap deals, and what people are saying on the bar’s page.
  • Access additional bar information (including its website) so you know it’s the right spot for you
  • Map out your trip to the bar from your current location, or even just check out the street view.
  • Socialize your interactions with Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and other services so you don’t have to leave the ap.

Premiering this July in the Windy City, SceneTap has developed a network of in-house cameras in more than 50 select pubs throughout Chicago, allowing for real-time views of the inside of the venue. (Perhaps you’ll see where that boyfriend of yours who claims to be “visiting a sick friend” really is…) The cameras employ cutting-edge facial detection and head-counting technology, delivering the all-important demographic information we all need to know before deciding where to go to slake our thirst, things like – what is the male-to-female ratio in that pub and what beers are on special.

After the Chicago launch, SceneTap plans to tap the bar scenes in New York, Boston, DC, Miami, Austin, Columbus, St. Louis, Phoenix, San Diego, Las Vegas, and popular college towns across the country. Sounds like it will be popular among traveling salesmen as well as the wandering cowboy who needs to buy a round of whiskeys for his friends and beer for his horses.

The only possible shortcoming we see is the need to put your beer down to operate your handheld device. Co-founder Cole Harper says of his new social media mixer, “The communication and mutual incentives form a behavioral layer within the social network that will create a powerful, tangible experience for all our users.” We think he meant to say, “No matter where you go, it’s beer-thirty somewhere.” Make mine a double!