It's A Mattress Made In Heaven When Simmons Gets In Bed With Panasonic

After a long day slaving away at the computer, what could be nicer than to lay back on your trusty, low-tech mattress and drift gently off to dreamland? A trusty, high-tech mattress, of course! With the upcoming Restino, Simmons and Panasonic aim to perfect one's sleeping experience through the use of a plethora of electronic bells & whistles... wait, what?

Priced at a nightmarish 100 million yen (about $11,000), the Restino offers much more than just a soft place to crash. Included in the Restino interconnected "sleep environmental system" are a 5-inch color LCD television, interactive mood lighting and a set of built-in speakers.

Even the room's air conditioning is linked to Restino's control panel, to be activated if in-bed sensors detect a certain level of heat & motion - erm, that should be interesting in itself.

Did I mention the in-bed sensors? Yep, your bed is monitoring you so get used to it and submit peacefully. Once you get in bed and turn on the system, soft lights and gentle music lulls you to sleep, at which time the sensors detect a reduction in movement and phase out the sound & light show.

Then, ten minutes before a set time in the morning, the lighting gradually intensifies while typical morning sounds like chirping birds and running water allow you to awake refreshed and invigorated. 

The Restino system was developed under the guidance of Professor Lin Guang Xu of the Hiroshima University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, a dude who knows a thing or two about sleep. Since it's believed that 1 in 5 Japanese people have trouble sleeping, Simmons and Panasonic think they have a ready market for the Restino.

What they may not have considered is that in the depths of a recession, not that many of japan's sleep-challenged have 100 million yen to spend on a mattress, no matter how talented it may be. (via Japan Today, Zibb and Impress Watch)