It’s My Scar: One Of A Kind Jewelry Tells Your Story

Finding unique pieces of jewelry is no easy task, especially when you're looking for one-of-a-kind pieces that are reflective of your personality or tell a story about your life. A highly personal, custom jewelry company ensures that every piece of fashion jewelry you wear will be unlike anything worn by any other person. Although, the jewelry design may be familiar, since it's customized to look just like a scar on your body that tells the story of your journey.

It's My Scar NecklaceIt's My Scar Necklace

Scars can fade, but the memories of what we went through when they were caused live on. It's My Scar memorializes each individual's journey by recreating their scar as a pendant on a necklace, a ring, or another form of wearable art; so while the scars may fade, the memories are always able to visibly live on.

It's My Scar is a fashion company that delivers a message of strength and pride. Scars shouldn't be looked at as bodily imperfections, they should be embraced for the story that they tell. Whether the scar was caused by a life saving surgery, a near-fatal accident or a simple mistake, it's part of who you are, so while the wounds heal, tell your story through fashion jewelry like no one else's.