It's No Bull, New 'Pepsi Energy Cola' Gives You a Buzz

How do you know the market for energy drinks has jumped the shark? When the big boys start horning into a once-cool niche market, that's how. Take energy drinks, for example: remember when Jolt Cola raised a buzz with its groundbreaking, nerve-jangling, over-caffeinated cola? The bar was set for others to follow, and follow they did!

But enough of the history lesson, let's get down to brass tacks: Pepsi Energy Cola. This latest offering from Pepsi Japan carries on the soft drink giant's long tradition of “interesting” cola and cola-like carbonated beverages such as Pepsi Ice Cucumber and Pepsi Baobab. Why an energy drink, though? Didn't Pepsi Japan trot out Pepsi Strong Shot just one year ago? Checking the records, it seems they did indeed.

No matter, a year is an eternity when it comes to trends in Japan and besides, Pepsi Energy Cola differs from Pepsi Strong Shot in that it includes other supposed energy-enhancers besides extra caffeine.

In fact, Pepsi seems to have added every other possible legal stimulant they could find: royal jelly extract, ginseng extract, guarana extract and arginine. You can be sure they'd add in cocaine if they could – now how's THAT for going back to the future?

If you happen to be in Japan this coming July 5th, 2011, and are feeling a bit wilted by Tokyo's scorching summer heat and humidity, check out your fave combini or friendly soft drink vending machine for Pepsi Energy Cola. You'll know it by the bold gold, black & red can featuring stylized flame motifs. Prepare to pay 143 yen (about $1.75) for a 250 ml can... and that's no bull. (via A Rinkya Blog and Walker Plus)