It’s Not Halloween Until Your Home Is Haunted By Flying Zombie Sharks!

Zombies are scary. Sharks are scary. Combine the two and give the resulting abomination the ability to fly and you’ve got the coolest/creepiest Halloween toy ever!

Fiiiisssssh Braaaaiiiiiiinnnnsssssss! You might’ve seen the classic Clown Fish, Bass and classic Shark Air Swimmers before, but the rotten great green shark is not only a perfect fit for a Halloween party, but for year-round fun as well*. All of the Air Swimmers are easily controlled with an innovative remote that controls how high the undead fish flies (Up to 40 feet high!), while keeping perfect control over its steady movement as it hunts/annoys your friends, family and pets!


There are plenty of technical plusses to what looks like a mere novelty toy, especially since the Zombie Shark is made of a tough nylon material so monster pilots should feel safe when this oceanic freak dive-bombs trick-or-treaters and party guests. The only major caveat about this interactive decoration is that it requires 4 AAA batteries, complete assembly and naturally, some helium, but as with any truly awesome holiday stuff that you retrieve from the basement year after year, the Zombie Shark’s totally worth it.
It’s definitely not too late to get your very own obnoxiously cool Zombie Shark Air Swimmer for the day before all of the yummy Halloween candy mysteriously goes on sale, so head over to Amazon today!

*Excluding Christmas, no matter how festively green and red this toy is.

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