It's A Trunk...It's A Hatch...It's A Skoda

If you are one of the few people who always have a hard time choosing between a trunk and a hatchback, a Czech automaker named Skoda has the perfect car for you.

OK, so technically it's more of a lift-back, but still. The design, named Twindoor, uses two different sets of hinges and two separate release mechanisms for independent operation.

Reach down to where the normal trunk release would be and you will find 2 different buttons. The one in the center is responsible for opening the trunk, spring assisted of course. If your hand strays a little to the right, the rear hatch will open on a set of struts.

With hatch open and seats folded, the Skoda Superb, based on the Volkswagen Passat, has 565 liters (20 cubic feet) of cargo space. I wonder if the key FOB will have 2 different buttons as well?

Via : Skoda Automotive