iTuning Your Next Social Network?

Apple, Apple, Apple! Like Marsha from The Brady Bunch, it always seems like Apple gets all the attention. Even when its quiet! Yes, without one single PowerPoint presentation from Steve Jobs or even a whiff of a press release, Apple is out there front and center churning up the rumor mill!  The latest fodder to hit the digital airwaves is a reported social media app that will simultaneously connect various social networks and integrate with iTunes.

The next iteration of Apple’s iTunes app, tagged ‘iTunes 9’, is said to be launching at the company’s annual iPod event scheduled in September. The new application (which is also rumored to be separate from iTunes) will more closely alligned to Yahoo's OneConnect.

Yahoo OneConnectYahoo OneConnect

But will it be an iPhone app? a Mac or Desktop app? or will it take on a new format all together, as Apple has been known to do in the past with products such as iPod?

If the rumours are to be believed, this type of app would be great for people who love broadcasting and sharing their favorite music with others. But doesn't already do this? in its current form is a network for collecting songs and tweeting or blipping them to your Twitter followers.

As far as the iTunes application organization feature, we’ve been told it allows you to sort your applications alphabetically, by genre, date added, and of course, custom arrangement.

This is brave move for Apple, even if it is the Marsha Brady of the Internet. For those of us who remember, SpiralFrog was a service entirely supported by advertising, which allowed free download of its music. It was the largest site of its kind in North America but on March 19, 2009, SpiralFrog terminated operations due to loan recalls.

Not that Apple will go the way of SpiralFrog, since it has much deeper pockets, but it will be interesting to see if Apple can build a whole new platform for social networking and begin our potential entry into the Web 3.0 era. It's always been ahead of the curve in the past. Let's see if its still got the magic to pull it off this time!  And if not the magic, at least the Marsha Brady charisma!